Saturday, April 24, 2010

Malaysian and SEA MMORPGs

While on my quest to find a new free to play MMO, I found several large Malaysian / SEA game publishers. The biggest one I found was AsiaSoft and they publish several interesting games currently not available in North America or Europe. Well, it’s not that they’re not available, it’s just that no North American publisher has these games, but gamers can still access them on the South East Asian servers. Two games that AsiaSoft publishes that aren’t available in North America are RayCity and Warriors of the Three Kingdoms. RayCity is an interesting racing MMO that plays a lot like Drift City. Warriors of the Three Kingdoms is generic 3D Fantasy MMORPG. Both of these games are fun, so it’s a shame that few people know about them outside of SEA. Luckily though, there are no IP Bans in place for any of these games.

There are actually numerous other free to play MMORPGs available outside of North America and Europe that gamers can play freely without restrictions. Another example is a little gem called Emil Chronicles Online, which is a free to play game by Gravity (The same people that make Ragnarok Online and Requiem). Since Emil Chronicles is published outside of North America, the game doesn’t advertise at all here in the States, but the game is playable from anywhere in the world. As a gamer, I want to know all my options, so it sucks not knowing about these games. Those with slow internet connections may lag while playing some of these games, but I never had any trouble. There are also a bunch of MMORPGs based in Europe which advertise in North America. So if you don’t lag in European games like S4 League and Florensia, you shouldn’t really lag in any Malaysian MMORPG.

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